Increase blog traffic with old postsAfter you have been blogging a while, you should take the time to sit back and reflect on the incredible body of work you have created. You should also take some time to review that body of work and make sure it is still working for you. This post is going to cover how you can increase blog traffic with old posts.

Depending on the niche of your blog, many of the posts you write will be timeless. Take this post, for example, whether you are reading in Feb 2019 or Feb 2020, I am confident that finding ways to make your old content work for you are going to still be relevant. There may be new ideas and concepts to add to the post, but those are amendments to the original idea, not an entirely new post.

By reviewing and updating your old content, you can ensure it remains relevant for your readers. You put a lot of work into researching and creating your blog posts, so keep them up to date. Your readers and search engines will love you for it! Here are some ideas of things to look at when you reviewing your old content to help increase your blog traffic.

Broken Links

Make sure all of the internal and external links on your post are working. Broken links can occur from a variety of reasons including the renaming of web pages or content. It can also happen when you link to a third party page, and they make a change you are unaware of. While a broken link might not seem like a big deal, it will affect your reader’s experience, and broken links can eventually lead to lower SEO results and traffic. If you use affiliate links on your site, each broken link is a potentially lost sale.

Is Your Content Still Up To Date?

Our world is continually changing and depending on your niche; your content might need to too! For example, on my site, I’ve provided a list of my best blogging tools for 2019. In 2020, I don’t need to throw away my list. I can update the list to reflect new tools on the market that I love and remove any tools that are not working for me anymore.  It’s important to keep content like this up to date because, in 2020, no one is going to care about the best tools of 2019! This idea leads to my next point…

Update Your Post Date

Change the date of your post to reflect when it was modified, Make sure readers on your site know that the content is still relevant and up to date.  Shout Me Loud gives a good tutorial on different ways to show the published date and the modified date.

Help Your Audience Find Your Content

If a new reader comes to your blog today, can they easily find a post from a couple years ago? Reviewing how our content is store and optimizing our site for easy navigation is a great way to help your new audience engage with older content.  Check that your menus, search functions, categories, and tags are all still properly allocated. Unless you have actively tracked this overtime, a spring clean is a good idea. 

Another great way to help your audience find your content and increase your blog traffic with an old post is to reshare your updated posts on social media. If you use Pinterest, you can use  Tailwind Smart Loop to automatically reshare content at set intervals. Check out my recent post on how Tailwind Increased My Pinterest Reach, for more details. The post also provides a link to a free 100 pins trial with Tailwind!

Add New Internal Links

Another great way to improve SEO results and help your audience find their way around your site is by adding new internal links. Adding links to old post will help search engines and your audience understand what other content might relevant to them.  Don’t assume someone is going to search out more of your content, make it as easy as possible for them to find what they are looking for.

Is This Your Best Work?

Blogging is a skill and one that we all improve at over time. The more you blog, the more you will learn about effective techniques and what works with your audience. You may be surprised if you go back and read your first few blog posts, how much you would change.  Do you like the language? Do you like the layout? If not, this is your chance; nothing is stopping you. Go and make those changes and make sure all of your posts reflect your best work! A reader is not going to thinking “I’m going to keep reading because they may have gotten better at blogging overtime.” With sub-par content, they will be in and out quickly. So make sure anyone who comes to your site, sees your best work.

Make Keyword Adjustments

Another great idea when reviewing old posts is to look at the keywords you used for SEO. By using a Keyword search tool like Jaxxy, you might find that there is a new keyword you should target. Adjusting your keywords may improve your SEO results and expand the reach of your post. Use this link to get 30 free keyword searches with Jaaxy.

Make New Content From Old

Another idea to increase blog traffic with old posts is to breath new life into your content. Look at other ways to communicate your previous message. Is there the opportunity to create a Youtube video from your post? Is there a new download you can add? Can you create a podcast about this topic? Don’t think that you can only discuss an item once. Think about ways to make your content go further.


I hope you enjoyed this review of how you can increase blog traffic with old posts. Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for how to make old content new again.

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