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My son is starting kindergarten tomorrow (kindy as its called in Australia), and he’s pretty nervous. One of the mum’s at orientation mentioned that her daughter asked her “how do you make friends?” Such a great question, but not always the easiest to answer! I feel a bit the same way with my blog. I keep reading about how I need to put myself out there and then somehow I will make some other great blogging friends that will lead to a beautiful supporting blogging friendship.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked out that way for me so far. I am trying to find my blogging buddy’s, but it feels like for everything I put out there, I don’t get a lot back. I read heaps of blogs, comment all the time, send emails, try to chat in my Tailwind tribes… but it just all seems a bit like a waste of time. The feedback I get is minimal, and it’s hard to know what is genuine. I understand, everyone is busy, and it is hard to know which messages might be more authentic than others.

But, as I was telling my son not to worry about tomorrow, that he’ll found some friends, I felt even more determined to go right ahead and make the same thing happen for me. Just like I’ve told my son that there will be other kids that don’t know anyone and want to find a new group, I am banking on the face there are other bloggers out there that might feel the same way I do? That is why I created the 30 Day Engagement Program.

Why I Can Help You with Blog Engagement?

In my off-screen life, I am Project Manager. I make a living organizing teams of people to get tasks done and accomplish a common goal. The rest of my off-screen life organizing all my friends and family, all the time. I decided that if I organized my desire to meet other bloggers into a project, then maybe I can find some like-minded bloggers to accompany me on this journey.

The 30 Day Blogging Engagement Program

There are two main objectives of the 30 day Blogging Engagement Program.

The first objective is to meet other bloggers. If you are like me, most people in my off-screen life are not overly keen or interested in my blogging so their input can be limited even if you have very active support for you blogging, who doesn’t like meeting new friendly faces! Life is better with blogging friends.

The second objective of the project is to help create engagement across our blogs and social channels. Engagement with your content is vital for a lot of reason, here are just a few: :

  • Google rankings – websites with more engagement rank higher in search engines
  • Comments lead to comments, people like being part of a discussion. Having someone getting the ball rolling with a comment or two can be helpful to encourage other readers to do the same
  • Engagement created user-generated content, all of which is all searchable by search engines
  • Let’s you know you are on the right track. You might have 1000s of visitors to your site, but if all you are getting is radio silence, it’s hard to know if your content is working.
  • You may have 1000’s of social followers, but without engagement, your account looks fake
  • Its fun! It’s hard always talking to the screen. Engagement is a great way to get new ideas for content.

How Does The 30 Day Engagement Program Work?

Before the program starts, I will send you the team project plan. You will also be provided with a team space to message and engage with your team to make the tasks easy.

What Will You Get Out of The 30 Day Engagement Program?

You will meet a rad group of bloggers, get comments on your blog, engagement on your social shares. You may also find some amazing blogging friends that you decide to collaborate with going forward.

Who Will Be On My Team?

Teams are made of up to 12 people. Once everyone submits their website, I will do my best to build teams that have some common niche to make engaging with the content more natural.  If someone’s blog does not have any niche matching, then I will work with them to recruit people in their niche into the challenge.

How Much Time Will It Take?

The project will only take a few minutes each day. If you are unable to get tasks done a specific day, just let your team members know.  Maybe you decide to do all your week’s jobs on a Sunday night. The challenges go for 30 days, but hopefully, you will find at least a few people within your team that you decide to keep working with. The team spaces will stay functioning after the 30 days to make it easier to continue to engage with each other.

How Much Does it Cost?

It’s free! No costs here, just a great way to make blogging friends.

When is the Next 30 Day Engagement Program?

Check out the 30 Day Engagement Program page to see when the next round starts.


I hope you are as excited about this project as I am! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below or send me a note via Pinterest or Instagram or email

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